10 Villain Characters

Note that as I tell the stories of these villains I tell the stories of people (people I made up but People nonetheless). Nevertheless, most of these stories follow what I feel are natural progressions. Take form it what you will.
Also, any similarities to historical figures doesn’t represent (in most cases) my views of said figures instead I am examining their motivations and seeing how said motivations can also drive people in more negative directions.

  • Leopold “The Untouchable” – Powerful, Cunning, Ruthless, sophisticated, Leopold is always in control. Head of a powerful crime organization Leopold has never truly failed. early on he realized how much he could take and how little others could do to stop him. rarely underestimating his rivals. Leopold was always 2 steps ahead. No one truly understands the true extent of his power and influence. and those who do are soon either on his side or in the ground. Leopold has power and seeks power and will not be satisfied until there is no power greater than his… Leopold doesn’t have a complicated past or complex motivations but exists but is still terrifying in the extents to which he goes through to get more power.
  • Alexander Stone – Being a son of old money Alexander was constantly shown-up by more successful cousins and siblings. As he grew up many of his siblings continued to be more successful than him and he began to grow bitter. Alexander began to be very demanding about being referred to as Mr. Stone and driven by an inferiority complex Mr. Stone began in efforts to copy and outperform his various cousins. But despite his varied efforts he still fell behind. Feeling like he had no other choice Mr. stone started to sabotage people who outperformed him and developed certain connections to the underworld. Seeing an opportunity there Mr. Stone started putting money in both politics and crime and ran an incredibly profitable business selling tools need by law enforcement to solve problems he created. Later he ran for political office in opposition to one of his siblings…
    (I realized that Alexander Stone is similar in a few ways to Leopold. The difference being that while Alexender is more human in his motivations while Leopold seems to be more in control of himself. In addition, while Alexander tries to outdo others and justify his actions Leopold is far more in control of himself and doesn’t feel the need for his actions to be justified)
  • Monet – Monet is a hired killer. Raised to be such from a young age Monet always wanted to be the best at what he did. As he grew older he started taking on more and more difficult jobs and his success made him enormously wealthy. With his wealth, Monet began to only pick the most difficult jobs eventually… Monet is a very simple villain. Simply a driven individual seeking mastery.
  • Forester – Forester is a loner, self-sufficient and absolutely paranoid about the outside world. The reasons for which don’t matter but Foereters fears often leading him into inflicting harm to those he sees as a threat (almost everybody)… Forester is a minor villain but if given enough planning or power can be an easy deterrent to the MC’s taking a certain path and can be a terrifying hunter if you cross his path. Forester can be used to show how simple people when driven by fear, can act like, and seem to be monsters.
  • Dabria – Dabria was her parents’ little angel and she never learned how to take no for an answer. As a child, Dabira always got what she wanted. In addition, she started developing manipulative tendencies and when her teachers tried to call her out and her parents always came to her defense. Dabira grew up to be a bully who continuously manipulated, harassed and abused those who she felt were in her power. In truth she disdained them, having no respect for those who fell for her antics. She also admired fellow manipulators and was most attracted to her harder projects, “everyone breaks eventually and eventually you will be mine”…
  • Colby – When Colby was a very young child (age 2-6) he was very violent and his parents never seemed to have enough time to take care of him. Believing he would grow out of his antics they never socialized him and instead of learning why not to do things he instead learned how to get away with them. Colby sees all people who aren’t a member of his tribe, friends, family, etc, as either an animal to take advantage of or an enemy to destroy. Despite this, he is not obviously violent and is capable of discretion but woe is he who is left alone with him. Colby, despite being capable of compassion and empathy, is incapable of relating to people outside of his tribe and consistently commits some of the most horrible acts possible (I’ll keep this family-friendly here but nothing is beyond him and he does things which are objectively despicable for sport). Colby is aware of how the world sees him and is clever enough to keep his crimes secret… A possible ending to Colby ‘s story goes like this: Colby is confronted by the authorities and in the chaos caused by the confrontation he sacrifices himself to save a friend showcasing what he, one of the most violent and cruel people of his time, could have been. This can be showcased against a backdrop of the remains of his victims showing how even some of the most disgusting individuals had the potential to do good.
  • Theo – Theo exists in opposition to the existing political system and he sees all evil in his world as a consequence of the system. Theo, unlike others who share his beliefs, is brave enough and consistent enough to act in an attempt to end the evils of the world attempting to destroy the existing system and charismatic enough to gather like-minded followers creating a powerfull criminal movement. Theo develops skills in propaganda and gains the support of a large swath of the population…
    Theo’s actions lead to great violence and he either embraces it and everything accelerating his goal of curing the world (he is not immune to his own propaganda), or he sees the harm he is doing and his more fanatic followers martyr him putting him on a grand pedestal for others to follow.
  • Weissman – Weissman began his life as the poorest of the poor. Weissman, with great intelligence, ingenuity, grit, and cunning is able to raise himself to the very top of society. Weissman has a chip on his solder and n the Begining of his rise he mercilessly knocks down those above him. As time goes on Weissman starts to work with and empathize with those he works with a but the underlying anger that defined his rise never goes away. Weissman starts to gain a distaste for those underneath him as since he who rose from the very bottom stands so far above them. Weisman convinces himself that all that is wrong in the world is the fault of idiots thinking, “if only they appreciated me for what I really was” and “it was their fault, their stupidity”. Weissman is prideful to the level of hating those he sees as beneath him…
    Weissman uses wealth and his influence in an attempt to remove the filth from the world his hatred and prejudice driving him to more and more heinous acts the extent of which may not be discovered until far after his demise.
  • Deandra “Sanctuary of Sinners” – Deandra runs a sanctuary for some of the worst people on the planet and feeling abandoned for sins (as she puts it) done at a young age constantly tries to protect and justify the actions of others. Deandra runs a sanctuary for people on the run from the law and feels that any misbehavior toward her from the people she protects is deserved and that it simply is in their nature. Deandra is capable of justifying any persons’ actions and hold herself accountable for not doing enough for them. While often abused by the people she took in many of them felt grateful to her and despite their many other flaws did what they could to protect her. This kept the cycle going and as she was provided for by some of those she protected she put herself fulltime into running her sanctuary…
  • Tesha – Tesha is a survivor. Born in one of the poorest households in a poor country Tesha never had the means to rise past her limitations. When only 9 a passing cult took an interest in Tesha and began to groom her as a member. As Tesha grew into the cult she rose up the ranks until she had a significant role in converting people into the cult. because of the way she was raised in the cult she had no problem with using blackmail and seduction in order to convert people and as the cult grew in power she started using more and more extreme measures to both convert outsiders and deal with threats to the cult. Tesha eventually rose to second in command of the cult and enforced ruling with an iron fist to those who were true believers but was willing to do anything and bend any rule in order to convert outsiders and get rid of threats… Tesha is an example of a true fanatic. Someone so in tune with the goals of an organization that she is willing to do anything to push that organization onwards and who despite all evidence to the contrary sees herself as doing good.

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