4 Things I Will Do In Hope of Improving My Writing

  1. I will improve my focus. here is a list of 10 things I can do to improve my focus:
    • Put aside a specific time in the day to start.
    • Share my writing times with the people I’m living with, in my case family, and communicate their importance.
    • Deal with what is urgent that day first (get things off my mind but if I’m journaling this isn’t the case as it can help me organize my day).
    • I will turn off things running in the background.
    • Write earlier in the day rather than later.
    • Make sure I have eaten/drank first.
    • Reread my old lists addressing the subject so I don’t repeat myself too much. (I am aware of the irony)
    • Meditate first. (i wrote a similar list before but the act of putting it out there helps me improve my consistency as I don’t always follow my own advice)
    • Drink water
    • Eat enough first or at least don’t begin in a state where I am searching for food.
  2. I will Read at Least 1 book on writing every month.
  3. I will spend at least an hour reading every day.
  4. I won’t make promises, or suggestions of promises (aka I won’t say/write things), that I can’t keep and I will keep the promises I make.

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