5 Interesting Flaws for Heroic Characters

  • Laziness – There are a few ways laziness can be used (not all of which are mentioned here). If the tone is less serious the character’s laziness can be a tool for comedy. In more serious mediums it stands to make a character less likable. A character working to overcome their laziness is very relatable for the modern audience and can make any character more likable if done correctly (you can’t overcome flaws you don’t have and when you overcome flaws they don’t just go away).
  • Bluster as a result of confidence in one’s own skills –
    When done correctly this flaw can help in both enhancing and subverting power fantasies. Because when the audience identifies with the main character when the character showing off can entertain the audience, to a certain degree. Also, failure as a result of overconfidence can be a great motivator for character development especially if you want to change the tone of the story.
  • Want of money – You may ask why I think greed is a good flaw for a heroic character well there are a few reasons.
    1. It can hint at certain elements of the backstory and make the person more real.
    2. It can drive plot event’s especially if the character needs the money for a particular reason, this works very well if there is a feeling of desperation as a result of lack of wealth. Because then the character may do things and take risks they normally wouldn’t. This is especially potent when the character is justified in his need for the money and can produce good moral quandaries.
    3. It can produce fun character interactions and comedic moments.
  • Lack of innocence – I don’t mean this in the matter of being a gruff character but more in the manner of “the sad clown” joke (popularized as the story of Pagliacci in a Watchmen comic). A symbol of hope and redemption who he himself feels as if he is undeserving of redemption and without hope.
  • Strange morality – Because sometimes a hero is raised in a culture different from our own… I am feeling too squeamish to fill this in.

10 Plots For Villains With High Minded Ideals

  • Attempting to cause a run on the banks.
  • Cause a horrible event in a third world country in order to raise attention to its plights
  • An attempt to assassinate all of a countries top political figures.
  • Giving out guns at a school
  • Bombing the UN.
  • Killing anyone above the age of 25 who pays less than 1,000$ a month in taxes.
  • Sabotaging he air conditioning going into gas guzzling cars so that they leak trace amount of toxic chemicals when people drive them.
  • Sabotaging power plants and tool used in fracking so that they fail dramatically. This being done so that people stop using aforementioned technologies.
  • Beating up people who say thing that are insulating.
  • Bringing up what people once posted on social media in order to get other people to bully and assault them.
  • Sticking opinions into lists to avoid filling in the proper number of entries.
  • Lying, specifically by miss-numbering things on purpose.

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