10 Scientific Experiments That Will Never Be Done In The Modern World, For Moral Reasons.

Beware of the robot scientists.

  • Experiment Exploring the effects of drowning on the development of adolescents.
  • Exploring Human-Male Reaction to different types of choking.
  • Exploring the effects of air pressure on the growth of human babies.
  • Suppressing the gag reflex – can you choke yourself to death?
  • The Lawless Room – Experimenties are allowed to enter a side room in which anything they do is legal. The experiment is done in an office where the people work together over the course of a number of years.
  • The Big Drug Test – Observing interactions of humans under the influence of various psychedelic substances
  • Give test-subject A a loaded gun. Pay test-subject B to annoy subject a for x hours on end. put in a closed room with hidden cameras. how long will it take until subject A shoots subject B. free the test-subjects after 48 hours.
    • I’m counting each of the variants of the following experiment as its own thing.
  • The Base Variant:
    • Put a group of 30-100 people together for a few hours, after which they may hold open elections for certain leadership roles within the group. tell the group that if they all follow the commands of the group leaders they will be paid twice their expected yearly salary. But only if they obey their elected leaders’ commands for a year.
  • Variant 2 – dictatorship/oligarchy
    • In This Variant, the pay is doubled but instead of the leaders being elected they are chosen by the experimenters. Leaders are chosen in an attempt to simulate a dictatorship or oligarchy and are given the authority to order tet subjects to punish each other and the conditions are changed so that if the subjects are punished according to the leaders’ commands then it is treated as if they followed orders.
  • Variant 3 – Corruption
    • In this variant, the group has the authority to reelect their Leaders as long as a majority of 70% of the population vote to do so. At the same time as long as the leader is in power their commands must be obeyed and they are given authority to enact rules that can only be canceled out if the leader along with 50% of the population vote to have it changed. This being the case, the leaders are allowed to do whatever they want their “impeachment” being the only punishment.

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