10 Things You Can Do To Get Over Social Discomfort.

  • Stick a piece of paper saying free hugs to your chest then ask around if people want to give you hugs. (not advised when looking scruffy or when looking like an old-ish man (40+))
    • This has 3 advantages
      1, You can pass it off as a social media fad.
      2, You get used to people saying no to you.
      3, if people do give you can use it to jumpstart a conversation (especially if you read up on the health benefits of hugs).
  • Have conversation starter questions that you learned in advance.
  • Meditate upon and realize how your social problems aren’t only your own and how other people have had similar problems.
    • Example a: me, I was actually diagnosed with Pdd-nos. In addition, I know people with far more difficult cases who despite their fears and problems are quite social nowadays so if We could do it you can.
  • Watch videos on social interaction (a YouTube channel I recommend is Charisma on command)
  • Even Better take a course
  • Ask philosophical sounding questions you can ask as people who have an answer to said questions will have a lot to say.
    • My example – What comes first responsibility or power?
  • Learn to push questions if you get a non-answer. (there are internet videos for this)
    • “don’t they come together”
      well “{example of how taking responsibility can lead to power or visa versa}” supports what I think, If you had to choose one way or the other why?
  • Visit an old people’s home or other places where your social interactions won’t have long term effects on your social life.
  • Realize you aren’t unique in your fears and try to ask someone who recently came out of their shell what brought them to it.
  • For truly extreme cases put yourself in a situation where you will have no choice but to be social.
  • Bonus (Because I may have repeated myself): FInd a subject that interests you and go to meetups and conventions relating to that subject. This leaves you with easy topics of conversation that you are familiar with.

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