25 Potential Names For Dogs

I had sketched out a post about avoiding sleep last night. But as I am still exploring why we do so (especially since I wrote out that post; in my journal; after my self designated bed-time). I spent most of today hanging out with my cousin so here is, what is essentially a placeholder post. I am still trying to do something with the post so if you think it works please comment as such and if it is a bad idea tell me that too.
Most ideas are actually bad ideas but that’s why I’m testing them out.

  • Jerry – for a big dog
  • Tom – for the little one (as little dogs are often the most aggressive towards other dogs)
  • Bear – …
  • Cat – …
  • Tiger – …
    (and this is my last animal name I promise)
  • Tarantula – because you can always call your friend over to see Tarantula
  • Smoochum
  • Snuggles
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Sonny
  • Junior
  • Freddy
  • Churchill
  • Adolf
  • Rumentitis
  • {insert another historical figure here}
  • {insert another politically inappropriate joke here}
  • Frankie
  • Big Brightpants
  • Tiny Yellowsockings
  • Mortimer Rex
  • Melforcorxatex-Rex The Most Horrifying Beast
  • Molly
  • Missy
  • {insert name of ex here}
  • Your Grammer – for a misbehaving dog (Ya I know, I’m one too talk)
  • Bad Idea
  • Good Idea
  • Entry 26

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