Comedic Placeholder List

I’m to tired to make a list when Shabbat is out so late but I’m trying something anyway. I plan to actually write 2 posts Monday and Wednesday and posting one of them at the weekend so I can keep up.

  1. Idea #1
  2. Second Idea
  3. Inspired idea
    (Explanation because the idea is probably derived from a crazy moment)
  4. Lazy idea
  5. An idea that makes the previous ideas seem like part of a pattern
  6. An idea that came from a misunderstanding of someone else’s brought to a logical extreme.
    (Somewhat unnecessary explanation)
  7. An attempt at explaining a moral failure on my part in order to improve myself.
  8. An idea that manifested in response to the way I worded previous entries previously.
    (Failed attempt at humor)
  9. Stroke of either genius or idiocy
  10. A suggestion that involves using previous entries from the list
  • The preceding list isn’t representative of the pattern I intended to make my lists in but it is a pattern I started falling into. (At least with the shorter lists)

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