10 Wise Sounding Quotes

  • Don’t change your mind; change your actions.
    {Many change their minds instead of changing their actions}
    {Don’t change your mind do something…}
  • If you can’t trust your friend trust your enemy; learn his ways and he will never betray your expectation.
  • Knowledge comes from success; wisdom comes from failure.
  • Wisdom constitutes a willingness to share one’s own idiocy.
  • Power without responsibility is a source of evil; responsibility without power is a symptom.
  • All technology is a symptom of culture.
  • We each live in our own little world; a world made of the lies we tell.
  • In a desert, water is more precious than gold.
  • A successful man replaces hope with confidence; confident men often die early.
  • Many wise sounding sayings are simply unfounded statements based on common beliefs.

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