10 More Questions

Different theme this time; just to keep me asking.

  • Why are most behaviors driven by odors subconscious?
  • What do we treat better our pets or other humans? Since most people say they would put people first when asked but this doesn’t reflect in behavior unless the animal and human are side by side.
  • At what point do we put our future before our present?
  • Why don’t we doubt our thought more often?
  • When are we vulnerable to mysticism?
  • Why am I suddenly using the royal we?
    (Why were yesterday’s questions better?)
  • What are the factors that lead to self-doubt? and does doubting the validity of one’s ideas a symptom of self-doubt or intelligence?
  • How does soap make us clean?
    (I’ll look it up after I finish writing this but this question can serve more of a purpose than other questions on this list. Yeah chemistry)
  • How often does feeling clean correlate to being clean?
  • When is a sociological study immoral and when are they worth the benefits? (sometimes it just seems arbitrary)

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