10 Games That Can Be Played In The Car

  • Consequences – The teller decides on a change to history, then tells the players an event happening later in history. The other players describe other events and the teller states whether the said event is probable, improbable or, impossible (a.k.a happened earlier). in order to win the players have to accurately guess the change to history the Teller made.
    (can get people thinking.)
  • This sentence goes on and on. – This game is essentially Ghost but instead of making words players have to make a grammatically accurate sentence.
    (A new favorite for English teachers worldwide.)
  • The final word – players decide on a simple event, such as someone driving to work in the morning, and an endpoint to their event, he arrives at work. the player take turns saying words and the player who describes first reaches the endpoint wins.
  • Build a conversation – The players take turns asking each other questions but they can only answer using words they read of street signs.
  • Listmaker – players take turns asking each other to make a list of {insert subject here} other players come up as many entries for the list as possible in 1 minute. The player who gets the most responses wins.
  • You May Spy – This game is the reverse of I Spy. In You May Spy the player saying You May Spy attempts to say something that doesn’t apply to what he sees and the other players have to find something that what he said can be applied too.
  • Short Term Memory – the players one after the other says a 5-8 word statement. players wait for 2 minutes then each takes a turn saying what they heard a different player say and which player said it. The other players vote on whether the statement is accurate to what they remember if so all players who voted yes get a point otherwise the turn passes to the next player.
  • A-B-Z’s -the alphabet game where cheating is allowed if you don’t get caught. and the penalty for being caught is being set back to A. also if more than 2 players they get to vote on whether he cheated or not and what the majority says goes.
  • Counting is Dumb – try to find mathematical equations within the license plates of other drivers by inserting mathematical symbols. for extra “fun” be willing to count in hexadecimal and other weird bases.
  • 10 Things I haven’t noticed before – for all the loners out there the title says it all. For a game for more people, it becomes 10 things none of us have noticed before (pr remember noticing)

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