20 Self Help Book Titles

  • 100 Little Things
  • Breaking Habits
  • Your Own Greatest Caretaker
  • Overcoming Tyrrany From Within
  • Learning Not To Lose
  • Snakes and Ladders with Loaded Dice
  • A Guide On Developing Ambition
  • Lost In Translation – an interpretation of a novel
  • One Of Those Men
  • Yong Master Right – a book about infiltrating and surviving in a cult
  • The Great Follower
  • The Inner Policeman – Getting him to work for you
  • Read The F***ing Manual – how to be the most capable person in the room
  • The Right Kind Of Power
  • The Left Kind Of Power
  • Dropping The Right Hints
  • Ask Her Already – a relationship guide for men
  • How Not To Be Crazy – a relationship guide for women
  • Avoiding Offence – why you shouldn’t bother
  • How The Lemmings Dance

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