10 Unfriendly Uses For Cardboard Boxes

Today was thanksgiving so I thought that I should do another thankfulness list but It’s late and I’m tired so silly but easy list it is.

  • After washing the floor cover in boxes in an attempt to cause people to slip.
  • Make a chair out of stacking cardboard boxes. Then make another chair but empty cut out the inside and put an open box in there instead. Sit on the good one offer someone else the other.
  • Pile then on a sleeping person till he is crushed under the weight. (otherwise known as too much of anything can kill you.)
  • For fun make a tower of boxes then play out 9/11 (for extra fun with use lego people or stuffed animals).
  • Try to jam a door by sticking cardboard in the gaps.
  • Get a bunch of shoeboxes and hide someone’s shoes in one of them putting rocks in the others.
  • Hide a body.
  • Nobody likes boxes of poop.
  • Try to tape a box over someones head.
  • Throw them over people’s houses and trees. (why toilet paper a house when you can cardboard it)

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