Thinking Fast And Slow: 10 Questions Raised (chapter 1-3)

Over the weekend I have started reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Having reached chapter 4 I have already a few questions and subjects I would like to look into so here are a few questions that I will look into the appropriate research and possibly do some myself. (ie. if the sample sizes are too small). Of course, I have the access to the internet (obviously) so finding information the only challenge will be checking its veracity. (the assumptions inherent in the questions will also be tested)

  • What physical actions affect our mental state and focus?
  • Can we learn physical patterns that put us in a state of mind more in line with system 2?
  • What can we do to combat ego depletion?
  • Are their specific foods or times to eat that help? What role does genetics play?
  • What are other phenomena that overlap with ego depletion and what is the most accurate measure or most current theories regarding them?
  • Can social interaction increase dopamine used in the brain? (Not the best wording maybe dopamine our body applies to mental effort or energy would be better but I’m not sure.)
  • Can we use mental effort to affect physical health?
  • Are there high-intensity mental exercises that can reduce the chances of obesity (especially among children whose physical activity we limit by forcing to sit in class all day)?
  • What are habits as patterns inside system 1? And how can we change them?
  • Can we create listening habits to cause initiation of system 2 after hearing certain suspicious cues?

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