10 Podcast Ideas

I may yet make a list regarding my lack of productivity and my neglecting of things I want to do (specifically books I would like to continue reading and researching about) but I was to busy for that most of today (I know making myself busy is part of the cause) so that list will wait till tomorrow. Unless I am able to regain consistency with my previous posts and goals in which case that list will be unnecessary.
For now, a simple creative exercise will do me good. Sorry if you were expecting something else I still want to make this an enjoyable read. So if you have any suggestions or feedback, please…

  • A Product A Month – Documentary covering the process of creating and producing a product within a month’s time.
  • Lost in Public- A podcast covering crimes that happened in the view of the public and reasons said crimes went ignored, unreported or simply had too late of a response.
  • Popping Bubbles – Podcast covering recent pop-science disproving common misinterpretations and going into more depth on the actual complexity of matters.
  • Windows and Insulation – Podcast about houses and insulation around the world.
  • Future History Podcast – A podcast covering modern events and recent history from the perspective of people living in a number of possible futures.
  • Selling Stolen Art – Historical podcast covering the travel of pieces of art as spoils of war. and the political impact of said art.
  • God Eaters – Podcast covering products and modern imagery and modern holidays tracing them back to historical religious roots.
  • Lyrical Writers – a podcast about the writing of lyrics through history and about the few songwriters who wrote their own lyrics and why.
  • Making Do – Podcast about how some of the poorest people in the world manage to get by and the things that we believe are necessary that are actually just modern 1st world conveniences.
  • Radiating Light – HIstory of radio, lasers, long-distance communication, and more from a scientifical perspective.

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