10 Ideas On How To Take Advantage Of The Mere Exposure Effect

I haven’t read much over the week as I was feeling quite busy but I read More Of Thinking Fast And Slow over the weekend. so here are a few ideas.

  • Bedroom wallpapers with eyes on them and reminders of daily work (so in my case line of musical notes and pictures of pen and paper)
  • Phone/Computer wallpapers.
  • when you are having trouble waking up read or think of words that are connected to action.
  • When trying to get someone to do something use words that are vaguely related when speaking to them.
  • When planning out your day try and relate your plan to things in your environment. and adjust your environment to fit with your plans
  • Watch the language you use when thinking to yourself. Avoid using language which relates to concepts like old, slow or weak, instead use more active and future-oriented language. I will do x, I can’t do Y at the moment but…
  • When consuming media for entertainment try interacting with media that displays behaviors you would like to adopt.
  • Before attempting a hard, tiring or boring task list reasons you want to get it done and benefits to getting it done.
  • Create an “Active walk” that you do when you want to get stuff done. Have different ways of moving around to trigger different states of mind. so a “confident walk” ‘Productive walk”
  • surround yourself with reminders of your most relevant project, change the text on your wake up alarms (if you use your phone), Hang different pictures on the wall, leave different books on the coffee table, etc.

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