5 Things I Could Tell My Past Self That Would Actually Make A Difference

This is assuming that both of me meet face to face and we both believe (to the point that we know without a doubt that this is happening) that we are seeing each other

  • Don’t do it… You know what …
    This will instill paranoia as I will wonder what not to do. definitely will make a difference in how I approach future decisions but knot for the better.
  • Look at me is this who you want to become?
    Definitely will light a fire under my ass but if my behavior will actually change long term is debatable. Still, I will doubt my choices in most decisions I made and will make different ones just because.
  • Whatever it is you are doing if you don’t complete it within 2 months you are doomed.
    I need to stick to a project long enough to actually get it done. One thing always enables another.
    • At this point, you may be wondering why there are no little tidbits of wisdom I have for my past self but honestly knowing things often doesn’t affect behavior and I don’t know the state of mind I would have been in had I met myself.
  • I would have a long talk about what stocks to invest in (and bitcoin if I am sent back early enough) what charities did the best, what technologies would have greatly benefited the world but didn’t get enough funding, etc.
  • An overview of a lot of the knowledge I have now and an implementation of what I was learning then would encourage my past self to learn more actively and advance myself better.

a short post is better than no post and tomorrow I will be busy (so don’t expect much). in 2 days from now I will try and produce a better post so you can check back in then.

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