10 Sentences Using Random Words

three words at a time, first ones that come up, allowing myself to change verb forms, etc…

  • answer, agile, sleeve –
    Nobody expected him to pass the test but avoiding notice and with the greatest of agility he drew the answers out of his sleeve.
  • pavement, displace, deep –
    His displaced answers being found he was thrown out onto the pavement, he was in deep s**t.
  • teacher, ballot, abbey –
    After much discussion, his teachers cast the ballot. He would be sent to the Abbey.
  • amputate, friendly, harass, –
    Tired of the constant harassment from the follow students he found solace in the company of an old doctor-priest named R. who told him stories of patients he had who had gone through amputations and how they managed to get along with their lives.
  • ambiguous, minute, coalition –
    hearing the stories made his problems feel minute in comparison but the ambiguous nature of the stories lead him to ask if R. served had served in the coalition.
  • childish, help, site –
    R. told him to disabuse himself from his childish notions of war after which the child helped him up and they left the site.
  • central, civilization, present –
    As they were walking the child wondered aloud didn’t the central authority give them this great civilization? “Pah” answered R. you live in the present what do you think of this so-called “great civilization”?
  • competence, officer, horoscope –
    After his next competency test, the officer in charge of the test asked him what he was doing in the abbey as he didn’t fit his official Horoscope.
  • second, field, digital –
    After explaining that he was reassigned to the abbey the officer took him to update his official Horoscope and after giving him a second digital code to match his new assignment he met R. on the field.
  • key, clean, quotation –
    After he explained to R. how his test went R. gave him a key telling him that if asked he should say quote “R. requested my assistance in cleaning his room after hours”.

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