10 Possible Measures Of Success

This is more of a self-help list (aka. It’s mostly for my own self-improvement) but I hope to construct it in a way where you too can get something out of it.

  • The number of people shared with – I tend to lack confidence in my own ideas (hence these lists, practice) so I tend not to share them until I have either developed them somewhat or think they are really brilliant (aka am really tired).
  • Attention – If I am trying to be original or creative it is more important for me to draw attention to what I am doing as it works as it helps keep me accountable. this shouldn’t be a sole measure as I don’t want to become focused on a search for attention.
  • Interest – this is less definable than attention but it helps work as an element of it that works as both a positive motivator, people care about what I’m doing, and a negative motivator, I don’t want to let them down, in addition to as a measure of success than attention
  • Criticism as a measure of interest – Thoughtful criticism is often representative of interest or attention put into a subject . You can’t really criticize what you don’t know/understand.
    • If this seems to you as if I am fishing for responses, I am. I feel like I am shouting into the void here and would really like some feedback on the sound of my voice.
  • Time – Not a good measure as we aren’t consistently productive in the time we use but better than nothing and works well when used in concert with…
  • Completion in stages – Before sitting down for a project brake it into stages as I can measure how many stages I have completed and also use them as instead of time as a measure to work towards.
  • Money – at a certain point, the best measure for value produced is either money or…
  • Sales – but I’m not there yet and that isn’t the purpose of this blog (for me if I somehow stumble on a something that make you money it would make my day)
  • “Checkmarks” – if every time you produce a section or do a certain amount of work, in my case write a blog post than check it off it is a good way to see how much you’ve done after the fact. (for example, this is my 98th post)
  • Friendly feedback -, take one of your friends/family that you trust and have him hold you accountable or give feedback on your work. just having someone point out when you do something well will keep you consistent accountable and somewhat fulfilled ion your work.

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