A Complicated Puzzle That…

…is not me patting myself on the back for an arbitrary checkpoint cannot be solved by putting this paragraph into a syllable counter, has no relationship with the rest of the blog whatsoever. I’m am not giving myself permission to lie for the sake of sarcasm in my opening paragraph and I shall continue this onto the following list.

  • One biblical day, meta-day, six questions 8 days present.
  • 11, 12, plenty, 14, responsibility, power, 17, potato, 19, composition.
  • Day to avoid actions. Day, culture day, death on day.
  • Examples you reuse, mindfulness creation, write out ideas, make perspective.
  • Cat’s experiences cat’s flags book more perspective quotes to practice.
  • Hypotheses ideas tiredness rope potential update lies bad understanding lose.
  • Quick reasons and ideas, potential because bias next fantasy placeholder.
  • list placeholder villain within hope for experiments social possible names sounding.
  • Interesting questions be help uses for thinking ideas are constraints.
  • rimes take past for haikus more creativity using measures that…

Question what is the list?

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