10 Ideas For Products

Specifically physical products for digital products I may make a later list.

  • Portable Productivity Device. (Names is definitely not final)

    A device that is essentially a marked down mobile-phone. Has features ranging from calls, email, alarm clock, timer, and support for some apps (WhatsApp and Telegram and the like but it doesn’t support a built-in store) and can act as a digital storage device, but lacks most things we would waste time. A Portable Productivity Device would be targeted at parents to give their children (with an educational version), those who suffer from phone addictions, and simply for people who feel like they get distracted far too often when using their phones.
  • 12-button

    A device made to run emulators of old devices with a light processing system. With comfortable and multiple designs, it’s perfect to profit off of people’s nostalgia while providing the opportunity for save cheats and ROM hacks.
  • Pre Folded Origami Paper

    Because sometimes you want children to feel as if they made something without having to put in the effort required to teach them. Also sometimes getting the crosses at the beginning can be really difficult.
  • Sushi Salad

    Sushi rice mixed with fish and vegetables. Sounds stupid but it’s all about the way you sell it.
  • Magnetic Picture Frames

    Put slightly magnetized nails into walls Put frame against nails.
  • Dehumidifier connected to a small plant or water purifier

    For highly humid environments.
  • Stackable Lens sunglasses

    Which the option to stack up to 6 different types of lenses for filtering out any type of light. Also designed in a way to take advantage of Bell’s Theorem.
  • Poem Writing Sketchbook

    WIth average word and syllable count riming hints and graph paper
  • A Fidget Cube That is Actually A wireless Mouse/Game-Controller

    No clue what to call this maybe the Fidjiter but that’s just a weird spelling.
  • An Automatic Card Shuffler and dealer

    With a pseudo-random number generator, it can make it harder to cheat at casinos and shuffle more consistently.

I apologize for not posting on Thursday WordPress glitched out and I couldn’t upload that day.

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