10 Bad Short Story Ideas

Because writing even short stories is hard (for me, at the moment {I need more practise}) and I’m still busy for the next 7-8 days.

  • A Day Without Pants – A guy who realizes he forgot to put on pants for the day and the only way he can get away with it is by claiming that it’s in protest.
  • Harry The Liar – Honest Harry is a businessman trying to expand his small business into a foreign country. The problem is, his last name (also the name of his business) sounds remarkably like the local word for Liar.
  • Morning person – A person does everything he can to become a morning person without going to bed earlier or setting a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Completely Normal – A monolog by Molly who is complaining about how everyone always assumes that he has some condition, or that there is something wrong with him, or that he is gay just because his behavior is slightly out of the ordinary and he has a girl’s name. Later with realize he is simply an incredibly eloquent 10 years old.
  • Most Welcome – From the perspective of a family in a small town and how they are constantly picking up lost hitchhikers and stranded travelers. Conversations constantly reference how the relatively welcoming locals became too afraid to pick up travelers after an event that happens 6 years ago.
  • Coffee In The Morning – Everyone wakes up one day and the coffee is all gone.
  • One Year Past – A conversation between two relatively relatable individuals regarding the last year of news referencing article names and newspaper titles seemingly somewhat modern. It ends though with an image of said individuals deciding to vote for a known historical villain. (Which historical villain depends on what the news is showing the year the story is written because I want it to be as relatable as possible so the whole structure of the story can vary depending on when it is written or who the author feels is most dangerous at the moment, the key is to keep it relatively close to the center and mainstream.)
  • Finding Patience Wherever It Is – Gary asks a monk how to achieve enlightenment and monk tells him to find, What is both soft and stern, does more by doing less, is more powerful than laughter and more persistent than silence, (sorry if the riddle isn’t that good it’s coming off the top of my head). Despite Garys pestering the monk does not tell him the answer so he leaves and asks another who replies that the answer is patience. Gary then goes on a journey trying to find this mysterious Patience.
  • Counting To Ten – a child attempts to teach his baby brother how to count to ten. an attempt at capturing both childlike innocence and frustration.
  • Reflecting The Future – Monroe Believes that his dreams tell the future and as he explains how the future is and justifies himself by explaining how what just happens fits into his predictions. The flow of the story will be garbled and will show how much our minds can be twisted if we take everything we say seriously and as the truth. (just like this entry)

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