25 Wrong Lessons That We May Have Learnt From Well-Intentioned Teachers

We should be careful what how we teach.

  • Don’t be caught
  • if you convince enough people you are right you are right
  • The person on top decides whats what.
  • Bad people deserve that you do bad things to them.
  • People aren’t truly responsible for their actions.
  • People act badly regardless of how you treat them.
  • Trust Authority.
  • Don’t trust any authority.
  • Generalize more.
  • Violence is a proper method of ending other violence.
  • Those fighting aren’t any better than those they are fighting against.
  • Breakfast is necessarily important.
  • We are in control of our emotions.
  • We have unlimited willpower.
  • We can work indefinitely if we just have the backbone.
  • We tire quickly.
  • There is no way other than a long rest to recover energy.
  • Our morality is human nature
  • Morality is for the weak.
  • We are rational actors.
  • We are entirely controlled by our instincts.
  • The middle ground is best.
  • We cannot train our instincts.
  • we can think entirely objectively.
  • These things are absolute.

If this list doesn’t make sense I can add examples of each entry being wrong. comment and I’ll do so.

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