A Continuous Paragraph Using 10 Random Words

Same as the previous random word post just doing except every sentence has 1 word but they have to create a continuous paragraph.


  • art
  • humanity
  • socialist
  • ordinary
  • empire
  • spot
  • low
  • cabin
  • bacon
  • motivation

“This reminds me of a conversation I had with a nuclear physicist in an art gallery. He argued that art was a product of humanity’s misperceptions. I pointed out a painting saying that the author was clearly presenting his socialist ideas in the art. Nonsense, he replied no ordinary species of animal has such ideas, Socialist ideas, in fact, most political ideologies, are based on misperceptions. Animal ideologies were used to justify the raising of empires I responded. Spot on, if everybody saw the world as it was we wouldn’t be standing here. You set such a low standard for humanity I retorted. You must have been raised in a cabin in the middle of nowhere he countered. Seeing I was getting late I invited him to have some bacon the next morning. If I feel the animal motivation I will call you he replied. Then we parted ways.”

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