10 Bizzare Hobbies That Can Lead To Interesting Conversations

  • Historical Martial Arts – The history behind certain martial arts is incredibly fascinating and depending on which ones you can fit a few dirty stories and myths as well
  • Sewing – if your cheap friends know you can fix their clothes…
  • Learning Behavioral Biology – Like this subject can start conversations regarding subjects from sex in advertisements to the behavior of babies.
  • Music – at least for. The key is being able to dissect songs without being too much of a snob.
  • Going to Random Meetups (whatever meetups are in the area) – One of my personal hobbies open meetups always have people who are interested in the subject of the meetup and with just a few hours of research, you can have tons of interesting conversations.
  • Collecting and repairing old furniture – fun conversations when picking them up also if people ask for help repairing furniture you can talk about its family history.
  • Test Taking i.e Trying to get a good grade on as many tests as possible despite having no other reason to take them – you may be able to talk to anyone depending on what tests you take. Also, have a crazy-ish theory about brainwashing in tests that you can quote tens of examples of.
  • Creating Home-Made Gift Wrapping – Conversation starts depending on the gift wrapping you use. You may need to make it somewhat inappropriate depending on who the gift is for.
  • Convincing People To Turn Their Hobbies Into Jobs – which can be slightly meta once you make it into a business.
  • Collecting Crime Paraphernalia – This should be obvious.

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