10 Reasons I shouldn’t Stress For The Test Tomorrow

Because I stress always and I since I Promised this would be a 6/7 day thing (Despite my previous errors I shall do what I can not to repeat them). Here is a list.

  • I’ve studied some.
  • Failure is an option – Even if I would never pass the test I will still succeed in life (or die trying).
  • Stress Hurts my time
  • it’s better to prepare methodically and see what foods are most likely to increase my performance and other external factors I could optimize.
  • A goods night’s sleep the day before will help more than spending all night studying.
  • I want to preserve mental energy and I tend to overthink things anyways. (even if I don’t need it for the test)
  • I can take the test again. (this is a personal test but in most parts of the world, where you would be reading this, this is an option)
  • If I fail I will know what to work on for next time.
  • I get some data on weather “brain foods” I read about online work for me (the data are inconclusive but placebos rarely fail)
  • I can learn from the test regardless of how it goes and am confident in my skills to pass in flying colors the sections most likely be referenced in my future activity.

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