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I realized I’ve been spending too much time trying to come up with ideas for lists; I then thought that if I had a subject to make lists around I would be able to make lists focused around that subject. (as I am often more creative within constraints)

This list is ten subjects I can make lists Vote on whether you would enjoy if I made lists regarding a subject or not each subject I make lists regarding will begin with 10+ lists I can make regarding this subject and I would then make those 10+ lists. I may interrupt with other ideas if anything important pops up but there won’t be a difference of two posts between subject related posts unless requested by you.

  • Algorithms for decision making
  • World Building
  • Musical Patterns through history
  • Constructing short stories – I would write one or two by the end.
  • Misusing Maths and Logic – for comedic purposes or not
  • Common Sense Fails – and why they happen
  • A book a day reading reviews – not necessarily in the form of lists I may get back to longer posts with practice
  • random Word and Sentance Generators
  • Attempting to construct poetry out of lists
  • Obsessions – particularly my obsession with lists
  • Things that I can make a living doing… maybe

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