10 More Ways I Can Potentially Produce Value

On the self-development/goal-setting train why don’t I do something that can serve my advancement.

  • Write music until I get good at it and put in the work to get there.
  • Teach private classes for bright students who had the same problems in school as I had.
  • Write until I get good at it then write more
  • post stuff I make online
  • Find a job which adds value
  • By recommending the right books I can add value to peoples lives
  • Researching for my lists and presenting useful information that will help other people become more productive
  • Organizing my life so that I can produce more value and so the stuff I make is more valuable
  • Actually act on my ideas until I finally make something people want (so not this blog but it will get there eventually)
  • Get an internship at a place I believe needs my skills. And put in the effort to find someplace valuable.

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  1. As to nine, maybe you could also consider “widening my reach so that I find the people who know that this is what they want.”
    I think it’s great, and I think your growth is great, but I wouldn’t discount the notion that you already create what people want (some of them anyway), and sometimes even to do it for one is enough.

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