20 Uses For An Old Couch (if can sew or have a sewing machine)

  1. Take out the filling and make a pouf
  2. Make Pillows
  3. Use the frame for woodworking
  4. Stuffed Animals
  5. Small Throwing Pillows – Mini Dodgeballs
  6. Make into a doghouse for sunny days
  7. Use the cover for window shades
  8. Make a chair
  9. take the cushions for baby seats
  10. Barricade doors
  11. make a small bed
  12. Make a shoe-box
  13. A blanket
  14. attach wheels and do bumper cars
  15. Take parts of the fabric in order to patch old clothes or make rags
  16. Make a chair cushion
  17. Make safe packaging
  18. Make a piano bench
  19. Teach children how to reuse old furniture and the value of sewing
  20. Teaching yourself the same

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