It’s Raining Here

Hello, to all three of you. Today, I will be taking advantage of the technicality where I said I would post every day. I promise a decently effortful list, on my part (you may not notice the difference), tomorrow.
Here is a quick attempt at poetry.

It’s raining now, it rained today, not all day mind you, a British-gray.
Here we greatly welcome rain as water is a might gain.
Yesterday night no rain was seen, then sudden hail fell in our dreams.
But I was out in gently fog before the ice did seem to fall.
No matter that, within my sleep questions rose and eyes did weep.
Always rising often answered, constant change keeps life unmastered.
Wanting in a life of comfort feared decisions ever nearer.
I claim a peace, I claim a faction, specialness my own view masking.

How often I might still complain I cannot stop before a ten.
So not knowing complete ten I comment in a high pretense.

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  1. Hey there kid: it’s beautiful.
    The trick is to lean into the fear instead of letting it drive you. Most decisions can be unmade; there will always be a cost, but the cost of not deciding is often so much higher.
    And the cost of letting your fears run you can be your life, or your experience of any satisfaction in it.

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