10 Gamification Of Things In Life

  • To-Do lists – Make Certain achievements for different aspects of life writing them down every day. Use a whiteboard or a paint document giving yourself little badges for getting certain things done find ways to reward yourself for accomplishing things in certain fields.)
  • Washing Dishes – Make a point measurement system for number and type of dishes washed and bonus for clearing out the sink if you have housemates than make the points redeemable for real-life things.
  • Chore Point Counter – Same as dishes but with a more complex point measurement system.
  • Exercise – Try to balance different types of exercise rewarding a score for intensity over time and having achievements when you can do certain things you originally couldn’t do. keep yourself feeling accomplished and lose points for long periods of not exercising or when something you’ve been doing leads to a high risk of hurting yourself.
  • Getting Dressed – Create pre-sets of clothing for different purposes and so that you have business-dress, social-dress, messing around, dating, etc the same clothes can serve multiple purposes but still have the definitions. Use this both to get dressed quicker and to get yourself into the right state of mind at the begining of the day. Also, you can upgrade your clothes in order to reflect investment in different areas of life. (the fun part is the naming as you can have a +7 bathrobe of restfulness)
  • Cleaning Your Room – Score yourself for each square foot of clean space by Filling it with a huge foam object or something less silly. Foam can be really cheap.
  • Shopping Cheaply – Make a game of it: give yourself a certain amount to spend and keep the rest for hobby/entertainment spending. For a bonus, give yourself extra for getting it done quickly if you value your time properly.
  • Making Food – Grade It By Taste, Mouthfeel, Satiation, ease of Making, and cost. Grade what you make.
  • Having Standards For Food – I know I’m stretching it here but simply define what nash breakfast, dinner, etc by what they have to reach on the previously mentioned grades, you can also add a sweetness grade. Then you can also use for dieting purposes as what you can eat from a personal experience perspective.
  • Grading Social Experiences – Use the tools previously mentioned on this list to grade social events and interactions: who throws the best parties, is it worth going to x sport event. Have a wedding curve and the like. Slightly Psychopathic, common parlance not the scientific definition, but it will still work wonders for the less than social.

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