10 Things I Can do to change/Improve The Way I Think, Possibly.

Today I had finished reading Thinking Fast And Slow, by Daniel Kahneman (for an altered definition of finished I may still reread of some sections in the future). I am starting to read Think Like A Freak by Levit & Dubner as I discovered that I had it around the house. In the spirit of asking questions and attempting to apply what I learned, here is a list. The top three are things I am seriously considering the rest are for the sake of there being 10 entries. Some of them are still valuable but more in the sense of me brainstorming ideas.

  1. Counting In Binary – The ability to count to 31 on one hand and to 1023 with both hands, Learning to perceive numbers as a series of 0’s and 1’s help’s with most types of basic arithmetic and allows me to “hold” much higher numbers in my fingers during more complex calculations. Possibly lessening the mental load but I am unaware of any research on that. (I wonder what I would need in order to do some, maybe make a how-to count better guide and give it out in exchange for a review of how it helped or was unusable. But first I will figure out how to change my own perception of numbers or at least to create an additional frame I can be fluent in)
  2. Disbelieve Everything I Read/Hear then listen as if I need to be convinced of what is being said. – Unless it comes from an expert I trust in the field. (preferably not that either but I still need to allow myself some cognitive ease or I will fail entirely I will probably create more exceptions for myself before I give up though). – The book had mentioned that we believe anything we don’t immediately think of as wrong and I am easily convinced to believe things I previously thought were wrong.
  3. Become More Rational/Internally-Consistent – Set up a daily alarm (on the phone, have 2 a day and if you find yourself preparing for it, have the exact time change according to a Fibonacci {Random takes too much effort on my part} sequence or something). The alarm should have you try to justify the last statements I have made have and see how they are aligned with my basic beliefs or if I need to change something.
  4. To increase doubt and questioning add the word ‘possibly’ to sentences about future success and failure and assume that half of what will get in the way is not yet known. This may come at the cost of confidence among other things.
  5. To Increase confidence, focus and possibly optimism, speak in certain terms say I will set shorter time limits and push yourself with both positive and negative motivations to get them done on time. In cases where a promise is impossible to keep share that information as soon as possible and reexamine the factors necessary.
    This entry is not consistent with the previous entry as they push in opposite directions but I was probably more balanced in the writing this one.
  6. View oneself as a more flexible and malleable being – assume the solution to most problems is who you are and use other entries in this list among other things as nudges in the right direction.
  7. Have a fixed decision-making time and write out all decisions that can wait for that time in a notebook you keep with you. The time may be more than once a day but only in positions where you think more rationally.
  8. Make more lists such as this one try to have at least 3 well-developed ideas when brainstorming that can be used as a reference.
  9. Before making big decisions or estimations find the most applicable statistic and use it as an anchor. If distant from the final verdict research what the statistic measured that you didn’t.
  10. Replace Every What Question With A Why Question.

I could, and probably should make a full post on some of these. And so I may.
It can be a good way to get into making more bloglike posts.

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  1. Loved number 6 (I’m thinking you should number these instead of bullet them; I’ll change this one for you and you can check if you like it.)
    As to number 4 though, I’d leave the “possibly” off the declarations of future success. Life throws (most of) us enough doubt anyway. To ensure the success though, you could add a follow up discussion on how.
    As to the longer posts, you might want to give yourself permission to forego publishing the ten ideas list (though I would still write ten ideas in your journal, but they wouldn’t need this polish or time).
    It’s a great post.
    Thanks for keeping at it.

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