10 Ideas For furniture

  • Cabinet for decks of cards – With small pockets to put cards in and a place to insert labels
  • Shelf Specially designed for board game aficionados – specially designed and decorated
  • Phone Holder – Goes on the wall by the door with pockets for people too leave their phones in when they come visiting has holes in the bottom for charging cables
  • Rotating cup holder for guests – goes on a coffee table or something
  • Table with rotating cup holder attached around the outside and drawers for book or plates
  • A chair that can unfold into a couch
  • Extendable window sill – attaches to edge of window sill for more space and or seating
  • Self Watering flower put connected to the air conditioner – Not exactly furniture but I’ve run out of ideas
  • Small wooden box with a charger connected made so that you can roll them in
  • Folding Bed for people with little space

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