11 Daily Things I Will Do (Or Keep Doing) Every Day.

Despite all my going on about self-improvement I’ve been falling back into lots of bad habits and time-wasting recently as such I would like to take advantage of this blog to help reorganize and as an accountability tool*. I will not deny that I have made similar posts before and that I am not always as consistent as I would like to be. But I will still try.

  1. Turning off my computer by 8:15 pm
  2. Getting away from screens entirely by 9:30 pm
  3. Get to bed before 11 pm
  4. Do my back exercises
  5. Voice exercises
  6. Spend half an hour trying to compose music at with the goal of having something I can show people
  7. My blog posts
  8. Read at least 100 pages of a book
  9. Put aside an hour to work on projects I’ve promised to do.
  10. My daily piano practice
  11. Pray 3 times a day

This list should be enough to get me back on track as there aren’t too many themes covered.
This won’t constitute everything I’ll be working on but it will help me build a framework of daily habits I can work with and around.

*But not too much I have other tools, as this blog is normally meant to be read by people.**
**At least in this post I am experimenting with footnotes*** with instead of simply injecting my line of thought into whatever paragraph I’m writing
***Next time I’ll number the footnotes instead of stacking sizes**** so I will either use parenthesis in the footnotes or use different numerals for each layer
****The size stacking may work though because the deeper you go the less relevant it gets so I may as well have my endless rambling fade into oblivion. Just to be accurate.

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