10 Simplifications Of The World To Use For Different Purposes

I wanted to write more than usual so I did. The downside is it is far less polished and far less organized. Still, these are ideas I have and things I have been using that I hadn’t put into words I will adjust as necessary.

  • Selling Stuff – when trying to predict what people will buy or when trying to sell something to people think of what takes the least thought and effort we do what comes easy. The exception for this is stuff we feel invested in…
  • When people feel invested in what they are buying create an illusion of value do what you can to not seem cheap. Assume people are trying to get the best sounding thing but that the resource they are most lacking in is mental-effort in this case as try to sound as good as possible without triggering any red flags as long as you don’t say anything that will make them think they probably won’t.
  • Trying to make friends – Assume the best intentions behind most actions but have red flags that can be triggered even then refuse politely
  • Trying to win an argument with a friend – the best person wins try to be that person. Admitting your own errors and correcting your opinion mid-argument almost always puts the other side off guard and them to assume they won even when they lost.
  • Trying to convince someone – Their intentions are just but they got because using cognitive heuristics (aka cognitive biases aka were convinced by fallacious arguments and directly opposing them will reinforce their opinion). Don’t point this out agree well giving them better arguments for their own opinion make small corrections over time.
  • Trying to convince someone quickly – Assume nothing will work unless they are open to being convinced. Try using a story to show the flaws in their argument even if they get it, it probably won’t help.
  • Trying to get stuff done – Your actions for this are necessary. You are the cornerstone this building rests on and your actions will change the world.
  • Writing A Blog – Assume people care, about your opinion, your life or whatever you are writing about those people will be your readers, cherish them. What you are doing may still need some work how you communicate is more important then what you are communicating about. Honest is key as well.
  • Starting a big group project – Assume everything that can go wrong will go wrong, plan for it stuff you don’t even know about will go wrong. Look at the average estimates of time and effort for similar projects the reasons they fail will all affect you. Then know your project matters and if you can still do it despite all the negativity I just mentioned than you will do what it takes to make it succede.

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