25 More Bad Book Ideas

Because I greatly enjoyed making and publishing the first one and it was liked by most of those I showed it to. So here is a second 

  1. Finding True Love – A guide to breakups
  2. The Sleepy Cook – A cookbook for the often distracted
  3. The Sleepy Cook 2 – Baking overnight
  4. Fall Into Grace – The Story of a rich person (Grace) after she gets divorced over money, she begins to lose her wealth and status while simultaneously becoming more popular. The book ends with her as a broke cultural icon.
  5. Rising Grace (fall into grace book 2) – Grace uses her newfound popularity to reclaim a level of wealth and power she previously held.
  6. Giving Grace (fall into grace book 3) – Having achieved all of her dreams Grace remains dissatisfied with her life and decides to give back to the world that loves her starting a charitable organization based on her experience of the world. Grace is criticized for how she is wasting all this charitable wealth and eventually her relationship with the man she rose out of charity with collapses over disagreements of how she spends her now vast wealth.
  7. Graceful Breakups (Fall into Grace Book 4-bonus) – This book tells the story of grace from her therapist’s perspective. Told throughout the previous 3 books and onward. As they examine Grace’s problems with money, relationships, and Grace’s many breakups. The book ends with Grace eventually finding peace with herself and finding marring a husband who shares her values.
  8. They Know No Forgiveness – How mobs judge social sins
  9. But What Is Forgotten – A book expanding on the how-to escape social mobs greatly expanding on what was introduced in the last chapter of the previous book explaining how victims of social mobs can eventually get on with their lives.
  10. Shifting Subjects – A guide to brainstorming, coming up with ideas and narrowing lists down.
  11. Getting Lost As Children – Our fears from a child’s perspective
  12. Getting Lost As Adults – Overcoming our fears and learning to love the journey
  13. Justifications in politics – How to spot trustworthy politicians. and when they should lose your trust.
  14. Corruption Is Inevitable – Exploring why good people fall into corrupt behaviors. Why we care how should we change it and how to spot it happening and prevent it.
  15. The Same Thing Twice – A demonstration of how different, stories and explanations it sometimes takes to fully absorb what we learned.
  16. Leonardo Amadeus – The story of Lenny Abrahamson and how he secretly takes the place of a famous newscaster.
  17. Long Lost Foster SIblings – A glitch in the software of a popular gene testing tool has many people finding supposed long lost siblings, children, and lost fathers. Much messing around legal adaptation and life reorganizing occurs until a few years later when the matches are proven to be false. 
  18. (probably not the best thing to put in such a long list but picture it for a second. it’s the type of book or book series that could be turned into a long-running tv drama)
  19. Jumping Jeremy – Story of a person who develops an anxiety condition that manifests in a need to work out when he feels anxious and after many accidents along the way from working out improperly. His physical appearance and confidence in his body lead her to a life that is much more satisfying social life with far less anxiety.
  20. Juice Drinking Jeremy (jumping Jeremy book 2) – Jeremy’s newfound confidence then leads to him working out less and falling back into negative habits this book follows his journey back into shape as he organizes his life so that he will truly put in the effort to stay as healthy as he desires to be.
  21. Tired Of Sleep – A vaguely written novel that may contain many instances of innuendo. Maybe.
  22. Wrapped In Blankets (Tired Of Sleep Book 2) – A novel
  23. Cleaner Sheets (Tired Of Sleep Book 3) – In this book we discover that the 2 previous books were about either an innocent child or their less innocent parent. The question is… Which is which?
  24. Bad At Being Better – The story of an expert who gets promoted from a simple job he was good at to a more complicated but similar task which he is far worse at.
  25. Publishing Flops – An author’s autobiography.

This is what happens when I am less organized I should probably have split this into 2 differently themed posts. From this, I learn to stick to a theme and not put long entries in a list that demands short entries and vice versa.

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