20 Vague News Headlines/Video Titles

These could be referring to anything but they are more often cause than symptom.
I had to make something and I consumed far too much political media today so I may as well try to make something related.

  1. Tensions Rising
  2. Potential Civil War Caused By New X
  3. Potential Protests
  4. Civil Unrest
  5. Media is driven insane by…
  6. Anger In The Streets
  7. Economy Booming
  8. Economy In Decline
  9. Statistics Show {insert Cherry Picked Study Here}
  10. Media Lies Exposed
  11. {insert political leader here} Crossed The Line
  12. {insert political figure here} Has Been Shown Not To Be Corrupt
  13. {insert political figure here} Has Escaped Allegations Of Corruption
  14. Idiots In Office
  15. Failure Of The State
  16. Crime Rates Falling
  17. Crime Rates Rising
  18. X is Driving Y INSANE
  19. Following The Good Work Of {insert political figure here}
  20. Source X Has Been Proven To Be Wrong

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