10 Way’s* I Can Seem More Original.

10 Things you can do to seem more original would be a more accurate title. I am making this list in most parts so that I can make more attractive blog posts. We’ll see how that turns out or if I actually put in the effort to implement any of these. It’s still important that I organize my life and blog in a way where I am finishing more things than I am starting even if it means I have to stop starting new projects for a while and I need to put some things aside or through them away for good.

  1. Don’t use a fixed template for titles unless it brings your previous work to mind.
  2. Instead of explaining my ideas using long sentences of simper words I can use medium-length sentences with words that invoke a feeling of intelligence or professionalism.
  3. Don’t compare your idea to things that exist unless attempting to advance an existing project otherwise contrast why your thing is special.
  4. I should use the word thing less and make longer examples explained in footnotes.
  5. Be willing to break patterns you have established but speak in a consistent voice.
  6. I should start writing the lists I know will be bad and instead of spending time on picking out a good subject (or one I know about at least). Instead, I should focus more on producing good content maybe spend 20 minutes reading up on something if necessary. I spend more than that much time procrastinating on choosing a subject anyway.
  7. Be willing to put bad ideas out there your the more you think over an idea the more it will begin to resemble existing creations.
  8. I should occasionally go into detail on things I’ve been trying to create/been working on in my everyday life.
  9. Share places in life where you creatively solved a problem. Label it them life hacks or something.
  10. I should reread my past post more often and see what I’ve done there that I don’t want to be doing now.

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