20 Names For Dog Food Brands

Sorry I published Thursday’s post today I forgot to put it up after writting it.

My computer died and it’s almost 12 so I’m choosing an easy list to make.

  • Puppy Eyes
  • Scavengers Cache
  • Tastes Like Chicken – the advertisements write themselves
  • Good Boy Snacks
  • Delightful Doggy Dinner
  • Tiny Paws – For depressed dogs
  • Pampers – way too much
  • Snouty Snacks
  • Veggie Dogs – are fertilizer
  • Poop Shaped Poop
  • Be-dog-enning
  • Growlers Shut Up
  • Binky Bones
  • Bad Boy Brighteners
  • Meat Flavored Meat
  • Penut Butter Puppy Snacks
  • Doggy Butts
  • Good Boy Biscuits
  • B*”chy Baubles
  • Doggy Dog

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