10 Ethical Dilemmas

I’ve begun to read a book1 on the subject and so I am making a list using the dilemma expressing them as what the author called Right Vs Right Dilemmas.

  1. After declaring that you would be somewhere for an event every month at a pre-determined date, you are asked by a friend to babysit of their children at that time because their spouse got into an accident. – Is your loyalty to your friends well being more important than keeping your word? Is the shallow declaration of intent a proper expression of your truthfulness? Are you betraying your friendship if you put your less needy friends first? this depends on how applicable questions like these are to this dilemma.
  2. Am I betraying a duty to write good blog posts if I truly believe that nobody will see it? or is it a waste of time and resources?
  3. Is it morally justifiable to produce depressing media if you believe that people can learn from it despite the fact that for most people who watch it or seek it out it has a detrimental effect on their happiness {insert better term for emotional well being}?
  4. Should you produce media depicting and explaining abusive relationships in order to help people discover when they are in one and to avoid it, if you know that it will have a minor detrimental effect on the relationships of the people who consume it?4
  5. Should a caretaker neglect her own health in order to take care of a patient?
  6. Should a leader neglect themselves in order to advance their followers’ goals? Or would it be preferable for them to optimize their wellbeing and mental state at the cost of those beneath them?
  7. Are the benefits of thinking through minor ethical dilemmas worth the cost in time attention and therefore productivity?
  8. Should teachers lie in order to increase student understanding?
  9. If someone, out of no fault of there own, is a danger to society and the people around him, has committed harm against those around him (for this example aggravated assault he got a 12-year sentence broke 2 guy’s arms and scared a girls face with a piece of broken glass), and we know that rehabilitation is impossible should that person be executed or imprisoned for life? Is it wrong to release him when his sentence is over? Can we give any group the power to decide these things? Should we create an unbiased algorithm (assuming we can and it will decide when a person is violent but not to what degree their violent tendencies will affect the people around them) the power to decide these things?
  10. Is introducing moral dilemmas in a form that will encourage people to come up with answers relatively quickly better than presenting less complicated dilemmas, seeing as once people make moral decisions it is unlikely that they will change them even if they haven’t originally thought them through?

1How Good People Make Tough Choices by Rushworth Kidder. I am aware of the flaws in the book but I had It laying around and I have to start somewhere.
2 this isn’t totally applicable to me because I have a faint hope that people will actually benefit from, and enjoy what I write. Despite my constantly changing grammatical style.
3I find it quite interesting that we speak of media in terms of consumption I’ll dwell on it at a later date.

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  1. Your father and mother see it, and considering how brilliant some of your stuff is, others will in time.
    And don’t worry about it. What you wrote is perfect. We won’t always meet our own standard, but so what?
    We can acknowledge what we’ve done as well as where we might want to improve. And what you’ve done is pretty impressive. Thanks for keeping at it.

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