12 Mini-Documentaries I Would Watch If They Existed

If any of these interest you, comment below I wouldn’t mind putting in the research and effort to get one of these made.

  1. Where privatization succeded and why
  2. Where privatization failed and why
  3. Failed utopias – How successful movements fell to corruption, a general overview exploring the process and comparing it to revolutions that succeded.
  4. Taken For Granted – a series of documentaries covering the research, history, and spread of common beliefs – episode 1 how we see tobacco
  5. Taken For Granted 2 – how we see Addiction
  6. Taken For Granted 3 – how we see Distances
  7. Taken For Granted 4 – how we see Gravity
  8. Taken For Granted 5 – how we see PTSD
  9. Past Technologies – the pipe organ
  10. Bald’s leachbook – ancient discoveries that worked and those that don’t.
  11. Creative methods that got people killed
  12. Writing what people want – a history of internet journalism

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