10 Way’s To Train In Empathy

Empathy is a useful skill but we don’t train it.

  1. Find something you once said that the current you vehemently disagree’s with simulate (imagine if it’s easy, write out if not) conversation with that past you understanding why he believed what he believed. – This one isn’t easy (The Curse of Knowledge and all that) but it can be quite effective
  2. Simulate how you would act if you were more driven by different impulses.
  3. Read well-written novels with protagonists you disagree with.
  4. Read up on uses for empathy, the advantages of being empathetic would be a more common search term – increase the desire to be empathetic even if from an entirely selfish view.
  5. Doubt your interpretations of certain events or their descriptions in your media of choice. try seeing what else could be the case.
  6. Reword sentences that mean the same thing but “feel” different – If I do this I will Lose {insert impactful amount of money here} otherwise, I may lose {double previous number}, reworded to If I do this I will Have {insert approximate value of personal wealth – minus loss} but If I don’t I will have {you get the idea}
  7. Try to interpret non-verbal cues either in the people around you or in media – this only works once you reach a certain level
  8. Try to learn acting or other role-playing activities – a fun hobby
  9. Try figuring out why people would disagree with you before presenting a point (sometimes) have counter-arguments already planed if they take certain routes.
  10. Remind yourself to be empathetic, step into the other’s shoes, get your head out of your ass for once, etc, on occasion or have a reminder for that so that you can apply empathy when useful.

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