10 More Scientific Experiments That Would Never Be Done Today For Moral Reasons (quicky)

A quicky is a post I didn’t leave myself a lot of time to write as I’ve been working on something else (in this case a longer post). It’s late and I promised to post something so I hope it’s good.

  1. Effects of long term lack of physical contact on the average human.
  2. Human Addiction In Isolation, Chemical Substances.
  3. Human Addiction In Isolation, Gambling, And Other Non-Chemical Addictions.
  4. Health Effects Of Controlled Doses Of Radiation.
  5. Effects Of Euthanasia On The Lifes Of Relatives Of The Patient In {insert country were currently illegal here}
  6. Effects Of Forbidding Euthanasia On The Lifes Of Relatives And The Patient In {insert country were currently legal here}
  7. How Humans Act If Given Absolute Freedom.
  8. How Would People Act In Ethical Dilemmas If Driven To Believe They Were Experiencing Real Events?
  9. Does Prison Labor, Even When Forced Help Rehabilitate Prisoners
  10. How Would A Regretful Murderer React If They Believed Thay Got Away Scot Free.

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