10 Quick Games That Can Be Played With Whatever Is Lying Around

Still working on a longer list but spent so much time trying to come up with a premise for today’s post (if I count procrastination more than an hour. Should have just worked on the longer one.) decided I would just use what is lying around.

  1. Competitive Stacking- stack objects in the room in an attempt to create a tower first person to knock it over loses. Remaining players have to reuse the objects used for the first tower and cannot take new things until the tower is complete. For higher difficulty make it so players only have 10 seconds to choose an object and they have to live with their choice, that or you can just say the floor is also lava so take what you can reach.
  2. Magazine Game – if you’re in a waiting room with magazines each player opens a magazine to a random page and they have to hold a conversation using only quotes.
  3. Sameness – players distribute objects on the table all but one player leaves the room/turns their back(if you trust them not to cheat at stupid games) and you move all the objects on the table except 1. Players then guess which object wasn’t moved and you get a point for each player who guessed wrong players who guessed right get a point themselves. Then a different player is chosen, in clockwise order (or not, whatever you want really), and he repositions the objects from that position. The game continues until a certain point threshold is reached, For now, let’s say 20 points.
  4. Super Local Geography – players take turns saying the names of objects in the room beginning with whatever is right in front of the first player each player, in whatever order, the says the name of an object (in the room, just to be clear) whose first letter is the same as the last letter of the previous player’s object. Objects can be described instead of their exact names being said as long as half of the other players understand the object referenced.
  5. Naming Names – take turns giving names to the objects in the room more appropriate to their uses.
  6. Every Idea A Gem – Lat one to laugh loses type game. Players describe new inventions that could be better done by an existing object in the room. other players then must describe in exact detail how other objects in the room can be more effective than whatever they are describing.
  7. Silent Communication – The silent game but you try to communicate using objects in the room.
  8. Objectification – Charades look up a well-known figure and communicate only by pointing at objects in the room.
  9. The Artists In Us All – Try to draw an object in the room in a vague artistic style you get points for each object and style you guess and for each person who guesses your object and style.
  10. Procrastination The Game – How long can you futz without suggesting you do something else
  11. 11th 10th – Put a number (10 is too much work let’s say 5) of objects in order according to a rule you predetermined other players have to guess the rule and put an 11th (6th if I’m being condescending) object in line with the rest.

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