20 Flavors For Potato Chips (Crisps if you’re British)

I was planning on making a different list today but I had wanted to use sections from a conversation with a friend of mine and I didn’t yet get permission as he is probably asleep at the moment. So here is one more arbitrary list.
I am simply stating flavors I haven’t seen before I do not intend to offend is any of these actually exist and you like them.

  1. Tomato Sauce
  2. with Carrot Slices
  3. Sweet and Sour
  4. Chicken Soup
  5. Cacao Dip
  6. Sweetened Syrup
  7. Meaty Crisps
  8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  9. Tea Leaves and Lemon
  10. Apple Juice and Cinnamon
  11. Crunchy Buttry Toast
  12. Horseradish
  13. Fowl Flavors (chicken-flavored mix)
  14. Sweet at Heart (various fruit juice flavors)
  15. Potato Salad (various herbs and spices)
  16. PB&J Dippers (comes with a small jar to dip in)
  17. Salsa Flavored Chips (for the super lazy, a bit of a gimmick.)
  18. Lamb Fat (mhmm)
  19. Milky and Spicy Chips (this can be done in an interesting way. Think in can grow on people. Don’t ask why I know this)
  20. Assasin Chips (sweetish flavor with a spicy kick/aftertaste)

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