10 Socializing Related Questions

I was talking with a friend of mine (from my special ed class for the communicational impaired) who is volunteering/working in a little people school1. In my communication with him (Not a conversation per-say it was over WhatsApp) we had covered some elements of how we communicate and I thought that the perspective of the communicational impaired. As such, I had the idea of interviewing others (some slightly more impaired than us) on how they developed the communication skills they have. Here are some questions I may base my interviews around. I will rework the questions for the actual interview and break them up into smaller questions.

  1. How good are you at measuring interest when speaking?
  2. How do you measure interest when presenting information?
  3. What are your strategies for starting conversations with strangers?
  4. Is there a necessary context for starting conversations with strangers?
  5. What behaviors do you find are more socially expedient?
  6. What do you have trouble with when communicating with someone new compared to people you already know?
  7. Describe how you feel when lonely how does it push you to be social?
  8. What would be necessary for you to want to go out and meet someone new?
  9. How did you learn the communication skills you have?
  10. What do people assume you can do that you struggle with?
  11. what do normal people take for granted? (may have repeated me so here is one extra)

1I don’t remember the exact age and details and I am putting this here to see if he actually reads my blog

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