10 Lists You Should Make For Yourself.

Since I don’t want to be hypocritical I will post these alongside my daily posts1. You’ll be able to see them “here“. (I will activate the link when I post the first one)
the order of entries is whichever order I came up with them.

  1. Things I tend to hide from my parents/significant other
  2. Things I tend to talk about which I don’t know much
  3. Things I don’t do that others do and why
  4. Counter-arguments for why I should do those things
  5. Places where I speak indistinctly (and why)
  6. Questions I should ask myself more often
  7. Things I care about that don’t reflect in my actions
  8. Political opinions I hold despite no actual experience of the consequences
  9. Reasons I can hold opinions based on knowledge and not experience.
  10. 10 things I say most often and ways to explain/rephrase them that change how I experience them.

I can probably make 10 more (potentially easier and more beneficial, these are still of great benefit potentially) but I kinda got caught in a theme while making this one.

1An excuse for my current quality of post will probably improve when done with the double daily posts. in addition, if this post is of low quality I will be the one to struggle.

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