10 More Podcast Ideas

  1. Parasocial Relationships – Podcast covering Funny and embarrassing news regarding people’s relationships with fictional characters.
  2. The Monkey Jesus Test -A podcast covering cultural, religious, and political figures seeing how they react to things that are directly offensive to them.
  3. Speaking In Jest – Exploring historical events wherein attempts at jokes wordplay and comedy had extraordinary consequences and how our world might be different if we had but a little less of a sense of humor.
  4. Finite Experiences – Podcast describing modern technologies as they were first presented. Trying to capture the awe originally experienced by the lucky few.
  5. No Longer Boring – Podcast interviewing experts in fields viewed as boring by the general populace. But with the experts being so passionate about there fields of expertise that the presentation makes the boring subject interesting.
  6. Books And Their Contexts – Reading of old books that have shaped modern culture while explaining the context of the books their authors and the ways in which they broke norms of the time. Same theme as Finite Experiences in which tries to recreate a sense once lost.
  7. Explaining Through Empathy – a podcast training empathy with each episode focusing on a certain subject. i.e An episode on recreating the wonder of others, one about overcoming the curse of knowledge, etc
  8. Measuring Self Improvement – Essentially a testing place for various self-help programs where a random assortment of individuals are either given or pay for self-help programs measuring both their experience of life and actual measures of success.
  9. Failures For Forgiveness – Exploring failed public apologies and apologies in media and exploring why they went wrong.
  10. How To Have Better Ideas – Exploring brainstorming and development of ideas lists of ideas and exercises to help create better ideas. Also exploring how implementing ideas about ideas you are having and what meta commentary can provide. (other than confusion)

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