10 Way’s To Make Business Cards More Memorable

I am not saying any of these are good ideas I am just going for memorable.

Most of these are probably done already I am not touching on a niche subject here.

  1. Have a piece of really bad poetry on it – one line long, unintelligible at first glance so that people have to read it twice.
  2. Imagery that looks inappropriate at a glance but is totally innocent – Sand dunes from an angle or something.
  3. Garish Photo – Bright colors, it has to look bad.
  4. Solid Color Background (red or dark blue) – white text of differing size
  5. Have the card design be reminiscent of a local geographic feature (or graffiti if you’re in a city) it should be obvious from a glance and in a way where people would try to compare it to something they see day-to-day.
  6. Imagery which both invokes emotion – Disasters you can prevent, things you can fix.
  7. The imagery associated with whatever it is you do – for something relevant to both this entry and the previous one a blue screen of death if you do computer repairs.
  8. If you can get people to actually read the card put useful or interesting trivia on it – information the person will want to share and have to look at the details of.
  9. Put titles on the card that make it seem important – make your accomplishments stand out at a glance.
  10. A recognizable logo that will be seen at least twice elsewhere – even if one of those times it is on your shirt the more memorable the logo the more likely people will use the card.

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