10 Political Opinions I Hold Despite No Actual Experience Of The Consequences

  • Government influence on the distribution of wealth and government responsibilities. – I have no idea of the experience of people at different levels of wealth. but still think the government should give room for the highest number of people to produce the most wealth for themselves instead of producing less wealth in total but having people in lower levels of wealth have more of it. I should try and compare how people actually experience the world and which form of policy maximizes measures of human happiness and satisfaction1. But in any case, I hold opinions about maximizing the number of people that can benefit as I believe that it will maximize the quality of life in the future.
  • The inevitability of the abuse of power. – I don’t have enough experience. And don’t know enough people who can attest to it being true. Mainly I am educated by history and satire but I don’t know how much confirmation bias is involved.
  • How Crime and criminals should be treated – I live in a pretty sheltered environment.
  • Abortion – all in all, my opinions on the subject are pretty mild and prone to change but I do have them despite being both sheltered and male.
  • Immigration to Europe – the same as the last one expect Instead of male I am not European
  • Immigration to Israel – I know very few immigrants.
  • Immigration to the US of A – I have far too many opinions on immigration.
  • Legislation in other fields – for example, I don’t drink or do drugs.
  • Legalization – same
  • Criminalization (specifically decriminalization) – Same

Still, I believe I am justified in holding some of these opinions as not having experience of the consequences does not prohibit me from the knowledge of the subject and in some cases allows me to act as a more objective observer.
According to me.
I wonder if empathy (in relation to well presented and accurate media) can have similar effects on opinion as experience.

1Using measures of both how we remember events, and the total level of pain and satisfaction we experience using a hedonometer and such

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