10 Ideas On How To Stress More Productively

Because we are unlikely to stop so we may as well make it productive.

  1. Find stress exercises – Specifically exercises you an fall into when stressed
  2. Brainstorm – use your worry and write down everything you can, what can go wrong proof that can help you get what you’re fussing over complete… just keep putting stuff out there remain advancing.
  3. Pretend that you see things objectively – what’s objectively the best way to achieve what I’m fussing over (or to stop fussing over it)
  4. Keep yourself busy with things you want to get done – not often good but a better default than mine
  5. Focused stress – lay all your solutions at getting one thing done and focus on that.
  6. Decide on big goals – 2 hours a day of this or that starting now leave yourself tired and complete in one way or another.
  7. Exercise routine – have a daily exercise routine and when stressed use your exercise as a high priority action so that you know what to do next
  8. Have priorities you hold somewhat constant and do whatever is the highest priority when stressed.
  9. Remember to drink water and eat – this will help whatever it is you are doing as you will be working from a better state.
  10. Have it drive you to completion – be pushed to get what you are doing do than keep working till you are too tired to be stressed

Not the best list, kinda common sense but it helped me to make it and I hope it helps you to read it. I sometimes fail to be creative when stressed and I am somewhat stressed at the moment.

I will not be posting on Not Being A Hypocrite today as it is late and I would like to put some more effort into making a list, I apologize for being dishonest in this way as I had said it would be every day I post for 10 day’s but my content there has often been sub-par and I decided to put in a bit more attention (and a lot of my content sucks regardless1).

1My content creation strategy is to keep making until I make something good so this is expected. I am constantly trying to be original in order to produce content you readers haven’t seen before so that even if it is of low quality there will be something you can get out of reading it.

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